Justin Maxon


Justin Maxon is a visual storyteller, educator and socially engaged artist. He collaborates with communities connected to his own positionality and history, making design and ideation decisions with participants. His socially engaged work seeks to challenge free-market capitalism by challenging authoritative systems of knowledge through repositioning members of society within the social hierarchy. He seeks to understand how his positionality as a person racialized as white, who grew up on the Hoopa Valley Reservation in CA, plays out in his work as a storyteller. The question driving his practice is how do you offer a critical examination to counter what bell hooks describes as “the seduction of images that threatens to dehumanize”? He answers it by returning home to the places, people, and issues that inform who, what, where, and how he chooses to represent.

Justin Maxon has received numerous awards for his work. His 8-year transmedia project in Chester PA, examines the physical, psychological, and spiritual repercussions of unresolved trauma from unsolved murder. The project, titled Heaven’s Gain, materialized into many different visual forms: hand-made mock murder case files that incorporated photography, archival material, and historical narratives; a trans-media installation, a short documentary, and a published investigative story in the Mother Jones Magazine. The different components of the project have been award the Aaron Siskind Foundation Fellowship, a Magnum Foundation Emergency Fund Grant, the Alexia Foundation for World Peace Professional Grant, the Visura Grant for Outstanding Personal Project, the Reminders Stronghold Photography Grant, the Cliff Edom “New America Award” from NPPA, and a Salute to Excellence Award from the National Association of Black Journalists.

As a photographer he has worked on feature and cover stories for publications such as TIME, Rolling Stone, Newsweek, MSNBC, Mother Jones Magazine, Bloomberg Businessweek, Fast Company, Fader Magazine, The New York Times, and NPR.



2024: 1492/1619 American Aftermaths Project, Winner ($25,000)
2023: California Arts Council, Impact Projects Grant, Recipient ($21,500)
2023: Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting, Grant Recipient ($10,000)
2022: California Arts Council, Jump StArt Grant, Recipient ($75,000)
2022: California Arts Council, Impact Projects Grant, Recipient ($19,000)
2021: California Arts Council, Impact Projects Grant, Recipient ($19,000)
2021: The Center for Photographic Art, Project Support Grant, Winner ($3,500)
2020: CENTER Santa Fe, Project Development Grant, Winner ($5,000)
2020: National Geographic Society Covid-19, Grant Recipient ($8,500)
2020: Humboldt Area Foundation, Covid-19 Community Project Fund ($8,500)
2019: Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting, Grant Recipient ($9,000)
2018: Ivy Erene Hughes & Carl G. Lundgren Fund, Grant Recipient ($2,000)
2017: Photographic Museum of Humanity Grant, Honorable Mention
2017: W. Eugene Smith Grant, Finalist
2016: Visura Multimedia Grant, Winner ($5,000)
2014: Burn Magazine Grant, Finalist
2014: Dorthy-Lange Taylor Grant, Finalist
2014: Reminders Stronghold Photography Grant, Recipient
2013: Aaron Siskind Foundation, Grant Recipient ($10,000)
2013: Dorthy-Lange Taylor Grant, Finalist
2012: W. Eugene Smith Grant, Finalist
2012: Dorthy-Lange Taylor Grant, Finalist
2012: Alexia Foundation For World Peace Professional, Grant Recipient ($15,000)
2012: Magnum Foundation Emergency Fund, Grant Recipient ($9,000)
2011: FotoVisura, Outstanding Personal Project Grant, Winner ($3,000)

Awards / Accolades

2020: Selected Artist, Queer Festival Heidelberg, “Breaking Gender Stereotypes”
2020: New York Portfolio Review, Selected
2018: Encontros da Imagem, Discovery Awards, Selected
2017: World Press Photo, 1st Place, Long Form Category, Digital Storytelling Contest
2017: Cinema New York City Film Festival, Highly Commended  
2017: American Photography 34, Selected
2016: National Association of Black Journalists, Salute to Excellence Award
2015: Magenta’s Flash Forward Emerging Photographer, Honorable Mention
2014: Blue Earth Alliance, Fiscal Sponsorship
2014: Selected Artist for Asian Pride Project: Our Portraits, Our Families
2013: Voices Off Arles, Selected
2013: American Photography 28, Selected
2013: 49th Publication Design Annual, Merit Award, w/ Bloomberg BusinessWeek
2012: Magenta’s Flash Forward Emerging Photographer, Selected
2011: NPPA, Cliff Edom’s “New America Award,” Winner
2011: Santa Fe Review, Selected
2011: (POYi) Community Awareness Award, Special Recognition
2011: Lens Exposure Awards, Honorable Mention
2011: Rayko Gallery, Plastic Camera Show, Honorable Mention, Best in Show
2010: World Press Photo Joop Swart Masterclass, Selected
2010: PX3, Paris Photo Prize, Book Documentary, Prize Bronze
2009: PDN’s 30 Emerging Photographers to Watch, Selected
2009: NPPA, Best of Photojournalism, 1st Place Domestic News
2009: (POYi), 3rd Place, Issue Reporting Picture Story
2008: UNICEF, Images of the Year: Honorable Mention
2008: International Photo Awards, Deeper Perspective Photographer of the Year, Lucie Award
2008: World Press Photo, 1st Place, Daily Life Single
2008: NPPA, Best of Photojournalism, 2nd Place Enterprise Picture Story (Small Market)
2008: Photo District News (PDN), Photo Annual
2008: Hearst Journalism Awards, 3rd Place, Final Championship, best image of the year, and
1st Place, Portrait/Personality/Personal Vision in monthly competition
2008: Sportsshooter.com, College Photographer of the Year
2008: SFBAPPA (SF Bay Area Press Photographers), College Photographer of the Year
2007: Atlanta Photojournalism Seminar, College Photographer of the Year, 1st Place Portrait
2007: College Photographer of the Year (CPOY), Award of Excellence Portfolio, 2nd Place
International Picture story, Award of Excellence Feature
2007: Eddie Adams Workshop, Awarded MSMBC Multimedia Assignment


Selected Group and Solo Exhibitions

05.02.20 – ”Breaking Gender Stereotypes,” Queer Festival Heidelberg, Germany
12.28.19 –  “Laatikkomo” Photographic Centre Nykyaika, Tampere, Finland
09.21.19 – “From Tragedy to Light, 30 Years of The Alexia.” Photoville Festival, New York, NY
10.07.18 – “Portrayals,” The Garland, North Hollywood, CA
10.03.18 – “Portrayals,” Chapmen University, Orange, CA
09.21.18 – Solo Exhibition. Encontros da Imagem, Visual Arts Festival Braga, Portugal
06.06.18 – Athens Photography Festival, main program, Benaki Museum, Athens, Greece
06.20.18 – LUMIX Festival for young photojournalism, Hanover, Germany
10.18.16 – “Visura Presents,” Foley Gallery, Manhattan, NY
10.01.15 – “Diffusion,” Cardiff International Festival of Photography, Cardiff, Wales
06.26.15 – “Lineage #2,” Laatikkomo Gallery, Jyväskylä, Finland
06.06.15 – “Emerging,” Annenberg Space for Photography, Los Angeles, CA
06.03.15 – “Reframing Memory,” Athens Photo Festival, Benaki Museum, Athens, Greece
12.12.14 –  Solo exhibition, “Front Page, Above the Fold,” Stronghold Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
11.20.14 – “White Shadows,” Front Page, Above the Fold, Galeria Qahili, Prishtina, Kosovo
07.04.14 – “Appetite: The Culture of Food,” Air Circulation gallery. New York, NY
06.12.14 – “Our Portraits, Our Families,” Museum of Chinese in America,  NY, NY
11.30.13 – “5X5 REAL UN REAL”, Heaven’s Gain, Installation, One Art Space, New York, NY
09.19.13 – Solo exhibition. Heaven’s Gain, Photoville Festival, New York, NY
09.01.13 – “30 by 30”, Online exhibition, The FotoVisura Pavilion  
05.01.13 – “Photo Week.” Kolga Tbilisi Photo Awards, Mtatsminda Park, Tbilisi, Georgia.  
03.15.13 – “Out of Darkness Comes Light.” Only This Life. The Project Room. Chicago, IL
01.23.13 – “Images and Issues.” When the Spirit Moves. 25 CPW Gallery. New York City
01.17.13 – “Eyes on the World.” When the Spirit Moves. Bermuda National Gallery. Bermuda
12.23.12 – “5×5.” The Museum de Arte Acarigua-Araure, Venezeula
11.02.12 – “Winter in America.” When the Spirit Moves. Third Floor Gallery. London, England
10.20.12 – “The Flash Forward,” Regent Park Arts & Cultural Centre, Boston, MA
10.05.12 – Singapore International Photography Festival (SIPF). Only This Life. Singapore.
06.07.12 – The Flash Forward, The Flash Forward Festival, Boston, MA
05.31.12 – “FotoVisura.” The Spirit Moves. United Photo Industries Gallery, Dumbo, Brooklyn
04.08.12 – “Collective Retrospective.” LOOK3 Festival. Community Event. Charlottesville, VA
01.10.12 – “Plastic Camera Show.” Moments Between. Rayko Gallery. San Francisco, CA
07.14.11- “LENS CULTURE: International Exposure Awards.” VII Gallery, Dumbo, NY
06.23.11 – Solo Exhibition. “The Private Eye.” Fotopub Festival. Novo Mesto, Slovenia
05.15.11 – “In Love and War.” FotoVisura Presents. New York Photo Festival, NY
05.08.11 – Solo Exhibition. “Out of Mind.” Lodz Fotofestiwal. Main program, Poland
03.04.11 – “Plastic Camera Show.” When the Spirit Moves. Rayko Gallery. San Francisco, CA
12.17.10 – “Kodachrome Portfolio Show.” Only This Life. Rayko Gallery. San Francisco, CA
09.21.10 – “Children – the Present of the Future.” UNICEF. Mui and Pha. Cologne, Germany
04.02.09 – “As We See it.” Exposure Gallery. San Francisco, CA
01.16.08 – “World Press Photo 2008.” USC Annenberg. Los Angeles, CA
04.01.09 – “PDN’s Emerging 30.” Month of Photography. Mui and Pha. Los Angeles, CA
01.30.09 – “Freedom.” Chobi Mela V. Mui and Pha. Dhaka, Bangladesh
06.20.08 – “7 Stories.” Mui and Pha. Maison Des Arts Gallery. Hanoi, Vietnam
08.28.07 – “Katrina New Orleans.” One year after, UC Berkeley, CA
04.16.06 – “El Otro Lado, Portrait of a Sonora Border Town.” Space Gallery, San Francisco, CA


10.08.17 – When the Spirit Moves (film), Cinema New York City Film Festival, NY
11.23.13 – When the Spirit Moves, Ankor Photo Festival, Ankor, Cambodia
09.27.13 – Only This Life, Delhi Photo Festival, New Delhi, India
05.04.13 – When the Spirit Moves, Voices Off Arles, Paris
08.15.11 – “On The Road.” Moments Between. Bursa Photofestival. Bursa, Turkey
08.01.10 – Istanbul Photography Days Festival. When the Spirit Moves
06.01.10 – LOOK In between Festival. When the Spirit Moves

Artist Talks/ Workshops 

2021: Hoopa Valley Reservation, California. A 6 week (18 days total) self-representation storytelling (photography and collage) workshop with 20 youth.
2021: Group Presentation/Performance. Center for Photographic Arts, online
2021: Group Presentation/Performance. Portland State University, Art + Social Practice Assembly, online
2021: Artist Talk. Social Documentary Network, online.
2021: Artist Talk. George Washington University, DC, online.
2020: Artist Talk. Social Documentary Network, online.
2020: Group Presentation/Performance. Portland State University, Art + Social Practice Assembly, online
2020: Artist Talk. Center Santa Fe, Photography 20/20 Compendium, online.
2020: Artist Talk. Academy of Art, San Francisco, online.
2020: Long-term Project Development Photography Workshop, 4 days. Santa Rosa, California.
2019: Hoopa Valley Reservation, California. A 6 week (18 days total) self-representation storytelling (photography and collage) workshop with 20 youth. Programed culminated in a community event in the Valley (55 framed pieces).
2019: Post Capitalism. Building the Solidarity Economy. A Way through Toxic Masculinity using arts expression. Humboldt State University.
2019: Artist Talk and 1-day workshop: Self Representation through Photography. Organized by the Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Held at the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice (Illinois Youth Center) Chicago, IL.
2018: Artist Talk: Vision of Justice Exhibition. The Fine Arts Gallery. San Francisco State University.  
2018: Artist Talk and 4-day workshop: Visions of Justice. Catchlight Foundation Sponsored. Mentored (and continue to mentor) court-involved students, helping them build a basis in visual storytelling practices as a means to explore their personal experiences and ideas of freedom and justice using photography.  I developed a long-term mentorship with a talented young man by the name of Eugene Riley.
2014: Artist Talk and 4-day project development workshop: Reminders Stronghold, Tokyo, Japan
2014: “Our Portraits, Our Families,” Asian Pride Project. I was one of the artists who worked with an Asian Pacific Islander LGBTQ individual and their family. Collectively, we created visual narratives address a shared context of immigrant values while shedding light on a topic oftentimes silenced within these communities. Exhibition at the Museum of Chinese in America, NY, NY.
2014: Artist Talk. The Eye International Photography Festival, Wales, UK
2014: Artist Talk. Project Basho Onward Summit, Philadelphia, PA
2014: Artist Talk. CUNY Graduate School of Journalism- Photojournalism Panel
2014: Two 4-day workshops: Emaho Magazine Sponsored, Kolkata and Delhi, India
2014: I spent two weeks lecturing and giving workshops in South Africa for an US State Department sponsored cultural exchange program, where I gave a dozen or more addresses to Universities and High Schools throughout the country.  
-Workshop, Artist Talk: Wits University, Johannesburg, South Africa.  
-Workshop, Artist Talk: University of the North West, Potchefstroom, South Africa.  
-Workshop, Artist Talk: Pretoria Press Club, Pretoria, South Africa. Artist Talk,  
-Artist Talk, Portfolio Review: Market School of Photography, Johannesburg, South Africa.  
-Master class, Artist Talk: Big Fish School of Digital Filmmaking, Johannesburg, South Africa.  
-Workshop, Artist Talk: University of Pretoria, Johannesburg, South Africa.  
-Workshop, Artist Talk: Tshwane University of Technology, Johannesburg, South Africa.
-Two-day workshop, Artist Talk: Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Cape Town South Africa.  
-Artist Talk: COSAT High School, Khayelitsha Township, South Africa.
-Two days of Artist Talks: Rhodes University, Highway African Conference, Grahamstown, South Africa.
2013: Artist Talk. Panel on Gun Violence: Photoville Festival, New York, NY
2013: Artist Talk. The Art Institute, San Francisco, CA
2013: Artist Talk. 25CPW Gallery, New York, NY
2013: Artist Talk. Bermuda National Gallery. Panel Discussion: The Art of Photojournalism
2012: Artist Talk. The Museum de Arte Acarigua-Araure, Venezeula
2012: Artist Talk. Momenta Workshop Keynote Speaker, DC
2012: Instructor. Momenta Workshop, DC.
2012: Artist Talk. School of Visual Arts, New York, NY
2011: Artist Talk. The New York Photo Festival, NY
2011: Artist Talk. New York Film Academy, NY
2010: Artist Talk: World Press Photo Joop Swart Masterclass public conversation, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2009: Artist Talk. Exposure Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2009: Artist Talk. Annenberg Space for Photography, Los Angeles, CA

Select Publications 

04.21- The New Yorker Magazine- Daniel Ellsberg. Online.
11.21- Mother Jones Magazine. Can We Move Our Forests in Time to Save Them? Pg 22-29
01.21- Maclean’s Magazine. Chamath Palihapitiya.
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08.19- Mother Jones Magazine. Why Our Wildfire Policy Is So Deadly. pg 40-45.
02.19 – The Wall Street Journal. Technology Strives to Cure Senior Loneliness.  
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 07.20 – Feature Shoot, Inspiring Incarcerated Individuals to Visualize Their Dreams in Photos, by Miss Rosen.
05.19 – Lenscratch, The Center Awards: PROJECT DEVELOPMENT GRANT WINNER: Justin Maxon By Aline Smithson
10.19 – Times Standard, “Local artists help inmates turn their dreams into art, by Sonia Waraich.
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07.14 – Wall Street Journal, review of Asian Pride Project presents Our Portraits, Our Families.
04.14 – TIME Lightbox, Interview, “Justin Maxon’s Instagram Fantasyland.”
02.14 – Featured in The Telegraph Newspaper for Emaho Magazine workshop in Calcutta, India
02.14 – Listed photographer on The Red List. 12.13 – Mutant Space reviews Addiction and Reckoning.
10.13 – Emaho Magazine, “Visual Narrative: How to Build a Story with Images – Workshop with Justin Maxon.”
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04.13 – Contributor to ‘Someone I know.’ 04.13 – Seeminglyso Art and Photography, A Delicate Nature.
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03.12 – Feature Shoot, A Patchwork of Memories Captured Through Multiple Exposures, by Gareth Philips.
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05.11 – Click Photojournalist, Photographer #282 to watch.
05.11 – Featured on 500 Photographers by Pieter Wisse, Photographer #282.
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02.10 – Henry Penry Blog review of “Slow Down…Breathe…Only This Life.”
04.08 – Featured on “The New Breed Of Documentary Photographers.”

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